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Youth Fire Setter

If you know a child of any age who has started a fire, shown curiosity or has talked about playing with fire, please contact us immediately. This behavior can result in severe consequences that can lead to injury, property damage, and possibly criminal charges. 

May contain: person, human, fire, and flame

SACFD’s Youth Fire Setter Program (YFS) helps to provide educational resources to children who or is currently displaying interest in starting a fire.  The voluntary program consists of an initial intake assessment where our certified Youth Fire Intervention Specialist will determine if there is a safety concern for the child. Our intake assessment will also determine at what risk the child is and what type of intervention is needed to help. 

Please complete our Youth Fire Setter Referral form for any child with concerns. All submissions will be kept anonymous. Parents and/or caregivers must partake in the program with their children. We also have partnered with Commerce City Police Department, Adams 14 School District, and 27J School District to help refer any at-risk students.