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SACFD Employee Spotlight

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 Hometown: Arvada. CO

How long have you been with SACFD: 10 years as a Volunteer, 4 years on District Board and 24 years in the fire service.

Position/Location/Shift: Division Chief of Operations Support

Why you joined SACFD: Newly built Station 7 peaked my interest to begin volunteering and to become more apart of my local community.

What do you love the most or the most rewarding part at SACFD: The ability to see first hand, the impact and affect our department has with my local community.

What advice would you share for anyone interested in the fire industry: Understand that the fire service is more than a job/ career, it's a lifestyle and a life mindset. However, it is worth everything you put into it!

Hobbies or what you do on your off time: My off time is completely centered around my family. Camping, school, kids sports, and Disney vacations take up most of our free time.

Favorite Food(s): Italian & Mexican

Family: Married 15 years, 4 kids. We live on 2 acres, in Station 7's first due district. My wife Courtney is an educator with the local, 27J School District.


Donny Ottaway - Captain - Station 22 "Holly Hounds"


 Jeff Osmus - Captain - Station 23 "Derby Devils"