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Thomas Goral 

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In 2022, Thomas embarked on his journey with SACFD as the Information Technology System Administrator. His educational foundation was cultivated at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago, culminating in acquiring his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2006. After five fruitful years in the spheres of design and advertising, coupled with diverse professional experiences, Thomas embraced a transformative career shift in 2014, redirecting his path toward the realm of Information Technology Security.

During this pivotal juncture, Thomas showcased unwavering dedication to professional advancement, amassing a spectrum of certifications. Noteworthy among these achievements are the ITAA Security Awareness Certification, the prestigious CompTIA IT Operations Specialist – CIOS Certification, the coveted Axis Certified Professional Certification, the Computer Support Associate Certificate with exemplary High Honors distinction, and the esteemed Department of Homeland Security Certification. These accomplishments were realized during Thomas's active engagement as a student at Moraine Valley Community College.

However, Thomas's thirst for knowledge and innovation extended well beyond the boundaries of formal education. His active involvement in Moraine Valley’s Cyber Security Club gave him a valuable lens through which to examine the intricate methodologies hackers employ in compromising systems and infiltrating organizations. A testament to his dedication, in 2019, Thomas took part in the highly esteemed National Cyber League (NCL) Team game, an event orchestrated by Cyber Skyline that drew thousands of adept players united in their mission to fortify networks and safeguard critical infrastructure against the pervasive threat of cyber-attacks.

Showcasing roles of significant responsibility, Thomas undertook pivotal positions that underscored his competence and unwavering dedication. In 2012, he served as a Transportation Security Officer at the United States Department of Homeland Security, carrying the mantle of ensuring national security. Subsequently, in 2014, Thomas embraced the role of an Information Technology Analyst at the Bolingbrook Police and Fire Department, contributing his technical expertise to paramount public safety operations.

In the ensuing years, Thomas's journey led him to excel as an Information Technology Specialist for the Plainfield Police Department in 2015, where his proficiency in IT played a pivotal role in upholding the operational efficiency of the department. This trajectory continued as he assumed the mantle of System Administrator for the City of Loveland in 2020, facilitating the seamless functioning of essential municipal systems.

Thomas's pursuit of excellence reached new zeniths in 2021 when he undertook the position of Information Technology Manager for 1888 Industrial Services. In this capacity, he adeptly navigated the intricate confluence of technology and industry, overseeing pivotal IT operations for the organization.

In each of these roles, Thomas not only demonstrated his versatility and technical acumen but also reaffirmed his commitment to upholding the integrity and effectiveness of the institutions he served.

In his role as an indispensable member of the Information Technology team, Thomas actively collaborates with the Information Technology Manager, extending comprehensive technical support to users encompassing software, hardware, security, and the maintenance of indispensable mission-critical infrastructure. An ardent advocate for cybersecurity awareness, he spearheads initiatives such as phishing campaigns and educational courses aimed at enhancing the vigilance of organizational members against potential threats.

Thomas deftly oversees the seamless management of mobile assets, orchestrating automated deployment strategies that effectively curtail downtime. His adept guidance spans a spectrum of technological matters, encompassing strategies, network maintenance, and the efficient management of invaluable organizational assets.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Thomas channels his creativity into a shared passion with his wife, Jennifer - crafting delectable Apple Cider Mini donuts. Together, they bring these delightful treats to the local Farmer's market on weekends, infusing their community with a touch of culinary delight.