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Emergency Service Options

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If you have a true emergency call 9-1-1

911 is to be used ONLY in emergency situations.  An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police/sheriff, the fire department, or an ambulance.  Call 911 to stop a crime, report a fire, and save a life. 

Adams County 911 offers a non-emergency line if you need assistance but it is not an emergency.

Non-Emergency Police/Fire/EMS: 303-288-1535

Code Red Emergency Alert:

Adams County/Commerce City Residents can subscribe to a system called 'Code Red' to inform residents in case of emergency. The system allows emergency messages to you via phone to your home phone, mobile phone, and through text or email, based on your preferences. Examples of emergencies when CodeRED would be used include severe weather, public health emergencies, criminal activity, evacuation notices, fires, floods, and missing person cases.

Text 9-1-1:

The Adams County Communications Center (Adcom911) has recently enabled the ability to receive 911 Text messages. 

You can now reach 911 by texting 911 from a cell phone.  You should only do this if you are in a situation where it is not “safe” for you to call, or you cannot call for some reason.