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Operational Permit

Starting in the new year our current Operational Permit Fee process will be changing with increased permits and fees. These changes would begin on January 1st of 2024.  Keep changing back for more information about these permit changes.

The South Adams County Department is committed to the safety of all residents of our district in Commerce City and unincorporated Adams County. As of January 1st, 2024, the Fire Prevention Bureau, like many of our neighboring jurisdictions, has launched an operational permit program to track hazardous processes within our district.  Accurate and relevant information is vital in our mission to effectively prevent, respond to, and mitigate fire and hazardous material emergencies within our community. To maintain accurate and relevant information about the business we protect, we operate a Fire Prevention Bureau staffed with fire inspectors. Those of you who have met our inspectors know our goal is to form a mutually beneficial partnership with you through education about fire safety, fire and building codes, and medical emergency considerations. To familiarize themselves with your unique building, business operations, and the potential needs of your employees, the crews on our fire trucks perform pre-plan site visits during normal business hours. This enables our crews to gain valuable knowledge about the businesses closest to their fire station before responding to a call for help. 


We will now be tracking potentially hazardous operations here in the district through the use of operational permits. Except for the most severe hazardous material operations and marijuana facilities, operational permits have not been widely issued within our community; moving forward, these processes will be tracked and assessed annually. To assist us in maintaining accurate and relevant information about the hazards we face, there will be a change in operational permits/ fees to be put into effect on January 1st of 2024. These permits will include processes such as anything involving large quantities of hazardous materials, mobile food preparation vehicles, ie, food trucks, high pile storage/racking, marijuana establishments, spraying and dipping operations, explosives, combustible dust-producing operations, and facilities with fixed hot work equipment.  More information about what is something that will require an operational permit will be available on our website, applications are also available.    


We will be slowly releasing this program to ensure that all requirements are known, occupancies will learn if they are subject to this program during their annual fire inspection, inspectors will work with businesses on an individual basis to ensure that all safety measures are taken and that each business is aware of their requirements.  If operations within an occupancy or business can be managed so that an operational permit is not necessary, our inspectors will work with these occupancies specifically, as this new process is part of our annual commercial business fire safety program for fire and safety compliance.  Our goal with this program is to adequately and accurately track processes and hazardous materials within the district to best ensure the safety of all residents and first responders alike.  Operational permits are issued for processes and materials and must be renewed every year. Fees will be assessed at issuance and renewal. Unless otherwise stated on the permit, operational permits are effective for 12 months from the date of issue. The business owner is responsible for ensuring that your permitted operation complies with International Fire Codes. Thank you for your continued efforts in keeping the South Adams County Fire District safe. We appreciate your time and patience in this process and look forward to your feedback. We are grateful to consider you our partner in fire safety.

 Please use the file below for all Operational Permit Submittals:

South Adams County Fire Department Plan Review application for Operational Permits- Fillable 6.3.24.pdf


Operational Permits 

Operational Permit Submittal requirements:

Important Links:

South Adams County Fire Department Plan Review application for Operational Permits- Fillable 6.3.24.pdf2024 Fee schedule Offical - Version 2.pdf

When submitting plans for review  include the following :

  • All files need to be submitted in an electronic, unlocked and unsecured state for review. Plans submitted without being unlocked and unsecured will cause delay in reviews.
  • For Hazardous Materials permits:
  • All submittals must meet the requirements set forth in the checklists below. 
    • For resubmittals and revisions use this form.
  • Please upload the files using our Permit Portal, the link can be found at the top of the page.



Food Truck Operational Permits: 

Food Truck Operational Permit: 

  • Mobile Food Vendors are an emerging fire safety risk. In order to protect our citizens, visitors and vendors to our district, any Food Trucks or Mobile Food Vendors with equipment that produces smoke or grease-laden vapors are required to obtain an Operational Permit from South Adams County Fire Department.

Please include the following items with submittals :

South Adams County Fire Department Food Truck Application.pdfFood Truck Check List 3.23.pdf
  • Please submit all documents to our email at [email protected] or call our main office to schedule an appointment or have assistantance in spanish.

For further information reference the guides below:

Food Truck Insepction Form- Spanish.pdfFMAC Inspection Form-English.pdf
  • Any specific complaince questions can be directed to the Fire Prevention Bureau.


    For any questions please call our main office at 303-288-0835 or email us at [email protected] 

    Tent & Membrane Structures 

    Tent & Membrane Structures Operational Permits :

    • These structures provide a unique risk due to their flammability and typical occupant load. To ensure public safety an Operational Permit is required for most tents and membrane structures. 

    Please include the following items with submittals:

    Special Events 

    SACFD does not directly issues permits for special events, we coordinate with our Commerce City and Adams County Partners. Please check with Commerce City or Adams County for any requirements in regards to a special event permit. Please see our checklist below for common Fire Department requirements to consider when planning your event. 

    Please contact us with any questions:

    Email us : [email protected]

    Phone: 303-288-0835