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Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention is Our Ultimate Goal

The South Adams County Fire Prevention Bureau was established in 1971 with one fire inspector.  Today the Fire Prevention Division is managed by Division Chief of Fire Prevention/Fire Marshal and includes a Captain/Deputy Fire Marshal, Lieutenant over Fire Prevention, three fire prevention specialists, two fire inspector/investigators, a Fire/Life Safety Educator, an Administrative Assistant/Permit Technician and Administrative Assistant.


Thanksgiving Safety Tip! Turkey Fryer Demo

Turkey fryers can be very dangerous as they have a high risk of tipping over, overheating, spilling hot oil, and could lead to fires, burns, or other injuries. Dangers of Frying a Turkey: -A small amount of cooking oil coming into contact with the burner can cause a large fire. -An overfilled cooking pot or partially frozen turkey will cause cooking oil to spill when the turkey is inserted. -The sides of the cooking pot, lid, and pot handles can get dangerously hot, creating severe burn hazards. -Units can easily tip over, spilling hot cooking oil over a large area. -Without thermostat controls, deep fryers have the potential to overheat the oil to the point of combustion.



May contain: helmet, chair, furniture, clothing, footwear, shoe, adult, male, man, person, accessories, bag, handbag, fireman, glasses, and hat


These individuals perform many tasks, including developing and teaching fire/life safety programs, technical review and approval of new development, construction, and fire protection system plans; new development and building construction inspections; fire protection system acceptance testing and inspections; compliance inspections of existing commercial businesses; and they are responsible for the investigation of fires in the district. 

The Fire Prevention Division believes their work with the community is essential in reducing the effects of fire-related incidences throughout the community ensuring our mission of protecting life, property, and the environment.

Please look under our Fire & Life education tab for programs and educational information. The Plan Review tab for information on our contractor portal, construction plan reviews, and inspection fees.  The Operational Permits tab is for information on our annual operational permits. The Open Burn Permits tab for information on opening burning.