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Scorpion Blocker “Stinger 23”

The blocker is designed to absorb the impact should a vehicle collide or crash while on the scene protecting first responder personnel, motorist, and apparatus.

 South Adams County Fire is proud to provide innovative services to keep our community safe and be one of the only fire agencies in Colorado to develop and implement the blocker apparatus and program. Stay tuned for updates! The new apparatus has been in service since early November 2022.

Recent Apparatus Accident Cost: Over $475K in repairs and out of commission for over 6 months.

First Responder Accidents on Highways: 16 emergency responders were struck and killed in the first 3mo of 2022. In 2021, 65 emergency responders died in stuck-by-incidents.


South Adams County Fire Department is proud to share our new Haz-Com Mobile Command Unit “Thor”. The emergency mobile command and communication vehicle can tackle local emergencies or special events in a community and will be ready and reliable anytime – anywhere.